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Beauty Street specializes in the design and manufacture of workwear for beauty sector, spa and thalassotherapy services and reception and front of house professionals. Thanks to an expertise in this field that’s simply second to none (both in terms of functionality and aesthetics), Beauty Street is able to create designs that are superbly comfortable and of a quality that’s capable of handling any environment. The painstaking care we take in selecting the most cutting-edge technical textiles on the market also has a major role to play. Why not explore our comprehensive collection of tunics, trousers, matching jackets and trousers, capri pants, blouses, t-shirts, polo tops, work shoes, ballet pumps and sandals, not to mention a full range of spa linens? Test for yourself the superb quality and hard-wearing nature of our fabrics – high-performance technical materials that have been designed to last – as well as to be comfortable and stylish. Made from cotton, or alternatively, the very latest technical textiles, they will more than meet the requirements of any working environment.

Whether you’re looking for workwear for your day-to-day routine as a professional in the beauty or spa sectors, or for a course or qualification (CAP, BP, BTS...), you’ll have a wide range of workwear designs to choose from that strike the perfect balance between comfort, quality and style. Our various lines encompass many different looks: trendy, understated, glamorous, classic, relaxed, contemporary, minimalist and stylish.

At whom are Beauty Street workwear designs aimed? 
Beauticians, masseurs, hydrotherapists, spa managers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, beauty training establishments, trainee beauticians, hairdressers, reception staff, beauty consultants...